Revive your favourite jewellery, or redesign it to your tastes:

Global Diamonds repair, redesign and valuation services

Breathe new life into your family jewellery, redesign existing pieces into something more in line with your tastes or have a piece of jewellery valued; whatever your jewellery needs, we’re here to help. Our independent and highly accurate valuation services are ideal for insurance or sale purposes – all valuing is conducted offsite, by certified gemmologists and diamond graders. We are also able to repair your favourite jewellery items, including the resizing of rings and the resetting of gemstones and diamonds. Our professional jewellers are able to redesign pieces that might not quite suit your style, creating new jewellery from heritage pieces.

Jewellery repair services

Whether your favourite pair of earrings have come apart, or whether the clasp on your gold necklace has broken – we are able to repair jewellery cleanly and to it’s original standard or advise creative options for pieces that may be beyond standard repair work. Our in-house jewellers will reset loose gemstones and diamonds, add or remove necklace and bracelet links, and resize rings: simply bring in your jewellery and we’ll do the rest!

Jewellery redesign services

Our jewellery redesign services are ideal for repurposing a special piece of jewellery you simply can’t bear to part with. We specialise in crafting beautiful jewellery from the wedding rings of loved ones, or from family heirloom jewellery. If you’ve recently acquired heirloom jewellery and would love to use the gemstones or diamonds – or even the gold – in a new piece, our jewellers are ready to help. Our jewellers have a fine eye for redesigning heritage pieces, as we understand the emotional value held within estate and family jewellery. Create a wedding ring fit for your new bride, or recraft a necklace from your mother’s brooch: we have the skills and the concepts to help.

Jewellery valuation services

Understanding the value of your jewellery is extremely important: especially for insurance purposes. When it comes to valuing your estate jewellery or modern jewellery, including diamonds and gemstones, we use certified professionals who have invaluable industry knowledge. Using these independent experts, we are able to give you an accurate estimation of value for gold, silver, pearl, diamond and gemstone jewellery. Our valuers are independent and leaders in their fields of gemmology, diamond grading and jewellery valuation: protect your investment with a professional jewellery valuation.

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