The Perfect gift project

Is today a special occasion?

Birthday, anniversary?...Perhaps it is just the right time to let them know they are on your mind.

Let Global Diamonds and the amazing team at Mint Floral help you send your important message in the most gorgeous way.

A stunning bunch of flowers and the opportunity to choose a special piece of Global Diamonds jewellery could be delivered to your loved one’s door step today. What a fabulous surprise!

Gift vouchers from Global Diamonds can create a beautiful bespoke piece of jewellery, repair an old favourite or add something new to their Evolve bracelet or Nikki Lissoni collection. Whatever they choose it will be beautiful and it will be special because it is from you.

Follow the simple link below for our vouchers, flowers and to see the local delivery map.

Credit card and PayPal options make everything super easy.

Remember to add a lovely note and you have the perfect gift!

Have a fabulous time choosing what to send and we will look forward to taking great care of your loved one.

Thank you! From all of us at Mint Floral and Global Diamonds, Whangarei. Local and loving it here!

Want something ...more?


Our small team at Global Diamonds is passionate about crafting jewellery and want you to feel that way when you look at your pieces. 

If you would like us to help you find your next jewellery love, then get in touch with us about creating something that is just for you.


0800 100 766 


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A word from Mint Floral:

“The flowers pictured are an indication on the flower colour combination. Please remember flowers are a natural product, and due to seasonal changes and market availability some different blooms may possibly be used. We always make your order as close to the image as possible on the delivery day. If you have any questions please pop over to our website We pride ourselves in delivering quality, freshness and value and this is why we have such a great reputation!”

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